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About us

When Graceful Strokes of sisters meet, A Unique and Adorable master piece will be created !! We Art_Sisters(Artisters) are creating a colourful world with our Art and Craft. Visit our source and Be a part of this world!! We are warmly welcoming you with the colours of heart!! Thank you!!

- Mudra Suthar & Prachi Suthar

Our Services


Sketching is Love. We Sketch Human Portraits, Mandala Art Work, Doodle works, Epoxy Jewellery. Feel free to stalk our Instagram and Pinterest profiles for some decent artwork.


Art_Sisters are blessed with the talent of Painting. We usually take paid works of wall painting. Other than that, we have our skilled hands on Abstract painting, Canvas Painting, Bottle Painting, Wooden Painting, Mural Art, T-shirt painting and many more.


We assemble Scrapbooks, Explosion boxes, Gift cards, Quilling Artworks, Festival cards, Wishing Cards, Flower bouquets, Chocolate Bouquets, Home decorative Crafting Creations, and a lot more.

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